The Tatterdemalion is a small clothing designer, manufacturer and retailer based in Western Massachusetts.  All our clothing is hand crafted using the finest materials.  We specialize in exquisite silks and silk velvets, soft linens, hand-blocked cottons, indigo dyes, luxurious faux furs, and many other exotic fabrics.

All of our designs are original creations.  While we love to play at faerie festivals and renaissance fairs, much of our design inspiration comes from extensive historical research and participation in reenactment events.  Our latest line is inspired by the textiles of the Topkapi Palace, Persian miniature paintings, and the beautiful artwork of Abdulcelil Levni a court painter of the Ottoman Empire.

Visit us at faires and festivals across the Northeast.  You will find a shop full of creative, comfortable clothing in truly unique fabrics, and many one-of-a-kind creations.  If you can’t come see us, visit our online shop, which will have more and more designs added throughout the year!